I’m Sandeep, the corresponding meat to the domain name.


I’m passionate about continuously learning and making things better. I love connecting people, ideas, problems and solutions to do that. Stuff I post here will be largely about product management and entrepreneurial management science, my professional focus – creating experiences people love, driving excellence across entire business models, building things to the standard of Clarke’s Third Law.

As far as prepackaged labels go, Myers-Briggs says I’m an “ENTJ Fieldmarshall“. Keirsey says I’m split evenly on the last two dimensions, so depending on the permutation that means “ENFJ Teacher“, “ENFP Champion” or “ENTP Inventor“. Some friends once named a donkey after me, which is probably the best label.

The consistent “EN” part above at least correlates why I find expressing things an effective means to refine thinking, systems and models. I love the idea from Maria Popova of Brain Pickings that curation (blogging) is about connecting patterns and making a statement. So that’s what this is about. In case anyone has been in cryo-sleep since 1993 and needs a tedious explanation of “what am blog”.

To that end, I’ll be putting up ideas I find interesting or want to share on making things better at the intersection of business, technology, humanities and science:

  • Signal: Interesting ideas from others with TL;DR takeaway points extracted. Longer form ideas from me (you decide on the interesting part).
  • Noise: Not so serious.
  • Things That Don’t Suck: As a raging lifelong design / product geek who puts together detailed requirements and analysis for things I buy and use, I’ll mention things that I think kick ass here – kind of like a personal Wirecutter
  • More ideas as content strategy iterates beyond “Hurr I like/think this loooook at it”

Hope you find it genuinely interesting and valuable as that is my “why don’t you just shut up instead” test. I get a buzz sharing with and learning from smart people, so reach out.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to be less stupid in future than at present and therefore revise and update content. I’ll indicate changes where made and reasoning behind them if there’s a significant one, but otherwise agree with Jeff Bezos on this and the more fluffy mindfulness perspective that whatever dumb things you say and do right now represent your full knowledge and best effort at a given point in time, so you can only learn more and get better from here on out and dated thinking is comparatively garbage.

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Building things to Clarke's Third Law.