Choice Cuts: Craig Nova – The Constant Heart

But that’s what he taught me and one of the things that is disparaged these days. A standard of behaviour, of feeling, of knowing that when you feel a nasty thing, or screw someone over to get ahead, it isn’t that you are getting somewhere, but are being reduced, made into less of a human being.

This is something that men are up against: already tried and convicted on the basis of what others have done.

If it is a school of fish and gaggle of geese, it should be an angst of graduate students.

The disappearing of a human being and where he went, not the body, but the part that told jokes and stood up to things… Let those of you who think you know what grief is consider the touch of the cold hand of a man you loved…I wondered if I understood my father’s generosity of spirit. The dignity of forgiving, and how it enhanced the person doing it.

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