IBM’s Watson memorizes Urban Dictionary, then gets its mouth washed out with soap.

IBM’s Watson Memorized the Entire ‘Urban Dictionary,’ Then His Overlords Had to Delete It – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic.

Evidently the Jeopardy winning supercomputer was responding to queries with “bullsh*t”. Personally I think it makes perfect sense for an artificial intelligence to have a condescending potty mouth instead of the overly polite butler thing they’re usually depicted as.



60 Minutes Interview with David Kelley of IDEO on design thinking.

Design Thinking = Empathy. It’s as simple as understanding the people you’re helping and what they value the most, where they grimace.

Stanford: “Heaven” – the synthesis of “art and engineering”. Started up the D-School to teach human centered design. Steve Jobs talked him out of having degrees associated with the program.

Steve Jobs’ Cancer Advice: Interesting that he advised Kelley to go straight for conventional medicine instead of messing around with alternatives.

The Economist: A new philosophy of leadership.

Which MBA? | Academic view: A new philosophy of leadership | The Economist.

I agree with the sentiment this based on, but am not sure I fully agree with the proposed solution in just a broader education. Don’t get me wrong – I believe in learning from the wisdom of smarter people who came before – those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it, yadda yadda. And personally my own path in education has been multi-disciplinary, so besides that being a self serving gold star, I feel like it’s given me a better perspective.

I think the central issue is needing to develop and reward leaders who have the humility to admit when they have something to learn rather than having all the answers. Leaders who recognize and take responsibility for the systemic effects of their decisions, viewing them in the proper context of surrounding society. And the overarching cultural, legal and financial systems that reward and punish the right behaviours. You can’t say you value humility and learning while only accepting profit and faultlessness in performance. Besides the financial meltdowns seen in the past 20 years and the “learning organization” as advanced by The Lean Startup movement, I’m hoping the next set of organizations embody these beliefs in building valuable yet sustainable solutions to problems.